2015 Chevrolet Code release date,price,review

Even though this car is a concept as of now, it is one that everyone will be anticipating to see when the release date arrives. The best thing about concept cars is that they allow potential owners to evaluate what they want and if the car fits the bill one can start saving up for it. Safe to say, the 2015 Chevrolet Code is one that you should start saving for as early as possible. Here is why.

2015 Chevrolet Code Review

With regards to the engine, the company is exploring two options. The first is that the car could be fitted with a powerplant direct inject engine from GM. With this option, the car will have a 1.4 L turbo engine that can generate up to 150Hp and can be fused with a six speed automatic or manual transmission. Alternatively, the company could go for the more powerful 270 horsepower, 2.0L turbo V-6 camaro engine even though it is anticipated that this will be for the premium model.

You can expect the overall size of the Code to be roughly the same as that of the BMW-1 series but the car will have an upright wind shield. Since the car is more designed to tease speed enthusiasts, it is estimated that the company will try to give the car a stylish and premium look. This might be a bit challenging for the company more so because Chevy has been more familiar with trucks but again with a little determination, everything is possible.

2015 Chevrolet Code

Some of the features that one will expect upon the launching of this model include the heads-up display, smartphones support and even Wi-Fi connectivity. It is also estimated that the car’s interior will resemble that of the Camaro in several ways much more so because the company is yet to release their own version. However, it is a waiting game as it could all change as the process continues.

Chevy Code 2015 interior

2015 Chevrolet Code Price

Initially the car is estimated to be sold at a base price of $20,000 for the standard models. This will mean that the car could have very high demands upon launching which is rightfully so given all the features that it is expected to have supported by such a conservative price.

2015 Chevy Code

2015 Chevrolet Code release date

The battle of the 2015 Chevrolet Code design in the market is expected to start at the beginning of 2015. Given the price and features, we can say that this is a battle this particular model has won well before it has been released.

The bad thing about concept cars is that companies have a way of tripping our minds and letting people salivate over the design while they keep all the juicy details tucked away. As such we can only wait and see what the end product will be like though with the little that we know we can anticipate that it is going to be great!


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