2014 Chevrolet Colorado engine and price

Chevy Colorado is a pick up truck made my General Motors. It was launched in 2004 model year. It was made as a joint venture of General Motors North American Sector, General Motors Brasil and Japanese car manufacturer ISUZU. It has two twin vehicles, one is GMC Canyon and the other is ISUZU D-Max. 2014 model year is a big aniversary in Chevrolet Colorado production, so Chevrolet decided to launch second generation of Chevrolet Colorado pick up truck ten years after the production started.

2014 Chevrolet Colorado side

2014 Chevrolet Colorado has a real pick up truck look. It is designed for the off-road fans and it looks bumpy and powerful. It shares a lot of exterior features with GMC Canyon and ISUZU D-Max, and its front part looks lot like GMC Sierra. It have a square shaped fender flares, typical three bar grille seen on lot of GM vehicles with golden Chevrolet badge on top and foglights on the front bumper. Bed capacity depends on the version you choose, with standard crew cab and extended cab versions avaliable. It has a tailgate and a bumper-step on the back of the bed, which can be useful when loading some heavy cargo into the truck.

2014 Chevy Colorado

Since 2004 and Chevy Colorado production start, interior features were its biggest disapointment. GMC Canyon and ISUZU D-Max were not much different. Second generation Chevrolet Colorado made some breaktrough in this area, but still not enough to compete with Toyota Tacoma’s fancy interior. From hi tech features 2014 Chevrolet Colorado has standard Chevrolet’s MyLink infotainment system, which offers smartphone application, Bluetooth connectivity etc It also has two USB ports, 6 speaker audio system in basic version etc.

2014 Chevrolet Colorado engine

Second generation Chevy Colorado in standard version comes with 2,5 liter, four cylinder engine. This engive delievers 193 horsepowers and 184 pound feet of torque. Which is good enough for the off-road, although if you are planing some more adventurous trips it will be better to choose Chevy Colorado with 3,6 liter V6 which pulls out incredible 302 horsepower and 270 pound feet of torque. Both versions come with four wheel drive and 6 speed automatic transmission. Chevrolet Colorado with diesel engine is still not avaliable, but there are rumors it will be launched for the 2016 model year.

2014 Chevrolet Colorado Price

Although becoming a second generation vehicle Chevrolet Colorado price didn’t change much. It goes from $16,000 to $31,000 depending on the trim and additional options you choose.

Chevrolet Colorado hit the second generation at the right time, since the pick up truck market in the United States is growing each day.

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