2014 Chevrolet Express 1500 review

Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana (its twin) are one of the most popular vans on American market. They hold second place after the Ford E series vans on the list of American bestselling vans. By some estimates around 45% of vans sold in United States are either Chevrolet Express or GMC Savana. Chevrolet Express is also much more popular then Savana with higher sales in 3 to 1 ratio. This models were introduced in 1996, as a supstitute for GMC Ventura and Chevrolet Van, and since then, together with Ford’s E series, they rule American market of full time vans.

2014 Chevrolet Express 1500 review

Exterior of 2014 Chevrolet Express 1500 is top of the line in the world of van design. Although exterior design of these types of vehicles is not so competitive like design of sedan vehicles, Chevrolet Express definately offeres little bit more then other vans in this section. Its well shaped rounded tips, heavy bumpers and recognizable Chevrolet grille give powerful and bulky look, which is one of the most important features in van exterior. Depending on the version you choose, your van can come with sliding or regular doors and with or without additional windows. Express 1500 comes in three different versions, Express Cargo, Express Passenger and Express Passenger Limited Edition, which is the more luxurious Passenger van.

GM gave a lot of attention to the Chevrolet Express interior in this model year. In Cargo version they added folding bench seat in the back, so with minimal cuts to the cargo area new Chevrolet Express Cargo can now transport 5 people instead of two.

2015 Chevrolet Express 1500 interior

They also made it much more comfortable, with power windows and locks and air conditioning which comes with a basic version. In the Passenger Limited Edition version you can expect leather upholstery, premium sound system, TV screens, DVD, Bluetooth etc. With regular Passenger van you get vinyl upholstery, carpet and from 5 to 15 seats in the back.


Best bet from vast selection of engines that can be choosed when buying Chevrolet Express 1500 would be 4,3 V6 engine. It has great fuel efficiency, 15 mpg in city conditions and 20 mpg on the highway, by EPA estimates. It pulls out 198 horsepower and 205 pound feet of torque., and has a great towing capacity.

2014 Chevy Express 1500 engine

2014 Chevy Express 1500 price

Price of this van goes from $28,000 for a basic Cargo version up to $50,000 for the Passenger version.

2014 Chevy Express 1500

GM continues to update its Express and Savana models, although we are not sure is that going to be good enough to be competitive with Ford’s new E series.

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