2014 Chevy Suburban specs and release date, price, MPG

Are you planning in acquiring a large SUV? Well you might as well consider in the list of your options, the all new 2014 Chevy Suburban. Where everything you expect plus more is their tag line. According to the Chevy automakers, the usual concerns of the buying public are the quality, style, security and comfort plus the price of an automobile but all that were addressed by their experts plus more.

2014 Chevy Suburban

What are the Chevy Suburban Advantage?

This big SUV is made with everything and everyone in mind. Everything you expect in a big SUV you can find in 2014 Chevy Suburban. It is very reliable and makes your riding experience in style and comfort where every passengers needs are addressed.An SUV made to provide first class comfort with more room for either passenger and or cargo. With a sitting capacity of up to eight people and a power release second row and power fold third row seats that you only need to press a button to provide space for your load easily.

When it comes to Chevy Performance and Winning Edge?

The Chevy prides itself with its V8 engine unmatched capability thats been trusted for more the 50 years now. With the application of the latest powertrain technology this huge baby is unbeatable. Latest car innovation like Spark Ignition plus Active Fuel Management only make the Suburban powerful yet very efficient and easy to handle.

Chevrolet Suburban

With the Chevrolet MyLink, it is very easy to be organized in a large vehicle. A hands free control lets you do everything with ease from entertainment to communications such as making calls. A hidden storage compartment is provided behind the touchscreen so you can focus on your driving while still doing everything in order.

Chevrolet Suburban 2014

Installed with the latest state of the art security and safety features like airbags and early warning devices so you have nothing to worry about safety and protection because your well being is on the top concern of the Chevy makers.

2014 Chevy Suburban Prices

The prices of the latest Chevy Suburban is also very reasonable considering the comfort and style they offer.The All new 2015 Chevy Suburban is available in 3 models with varied specs. The LS which is $47,300, the LT which is amounting to $52,700 and the LTZ amounting to $61,700. All three models are user friendly and made for everyone. We will keep you informed when more information comes from the authors of the Chevrolet.

Chevy Suburban 2014

2014 Suburban specs

For info about specifications please visit: http://www.cars.com/chevrolet/suburban/2014/standard-equipment/

2014 Chevy Suburban colors

You are looking at the color of the exterior of the Suburban models

2014 Chevrolet Suburban

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